Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Wire feeder problem: Wire jam

Apr 18, 2022


Rear wire blocking between wire feeding wheels

Cause analysis:

Due to the high resistance after this structure, it is impossible to feed wire and get stuck in the wire feeding wheel. The resistance problem should be solved


① Improvement of wire feeding structure

The longer the wire feed pipe is, the greater the resistance will be. Therefore, use a shorter wire feed pipe as far as possible, such as 0.8 welding wire matching 3M wire feed pipe

During welding, straighten the wire feed pipe as far as possible without distortion

In addition, when the wire is blocked, properly leak out part of the wire feed pipe

② Improvement of welding wire material

For stainless steel and iron wire, there is almost no need to optimize, but for aluminum wire, we recommend using at least 5 series of aluminum alloy welding wire, which will have higher hardness

③ If the above improvement is still stuck, replace the wire feed pipe

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